The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life.


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Whether you are a lifelong dancer or a first-timer looking to try something new, this is going to be an epic, unique and truly powerful dance experience you will carry with you for the rest of your life!

I'm totally dedicated to creating  and building a community of women to support our healing journeys!  Dancing activates healing in PROFOUND ways! It launches us to own our fierce, sexy, zestful, luscious, sensuous, bold, enchanting, enticing selves. Invest in your self, in your Goddess declaration of forever worthiness! 


All classes are virtual (for now).

All body types and fitness levels can participate and I promise, YOU will have a BLAST!


One on One



Looking for a quick lesson to surprise your partner with a sultry dance tonight? Need a refresher? Or maybe you just want to dip your toe into sultry dance before committing to a course.


I'm here for it, I'm here for you!


Let's do this!

Level #1

$150 / 4 Week Course

Get a taste of all the levels in this crash course in sultry dance! Tune into your body, your movements and be empowered to feel sexy dancing!

We meet once a week for 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour.

Level #2
Strip Tease!

$150/ 4 Week Course

Learn advanced movements with more playful outfits and props! You will also be choosing your own songs to give your movements more passion and falling in love with your favorite music in a new sensual way. 

We meet once a week for 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour.

Level #3
High Heels Empowerment

$150/ 4 Week Course

Dancing in Heels is sexy but it doesn't come naturally, lmao! It really has to be learned! This course is for everyone, no matter how much skill you have already! I recommend you go through Level 1&2 but feel free to skip ahead if high heels are your jam!

We meet once a week for 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour.

Level #4
Sexy Wall & Floor Movements

$150/ 4 Week Course

Aside from owning and loving the space around you with these sexy wall & floor movements, this is a work out!~  You will leave each class feeling sexy, strong and confident! 


We meet once a week for 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour.

Group Lesson + Special Event

Must be 6 or more people. ​

I'm available for women's retreats, bachorlette parties, ladies' nights, empowering women conferences and more!


Let me know what event you have coming up and let's get it on the calendar!​

321Jessica Cha123.JPG


Being able to feel sexy and not be judged has been a life changing thing for me! I've grown in a blossoming manner so natural and lovingly. I have learned to love myself in a way I never knew was possible.



Things happen and sometimes we can forget our worth but.... girlll Chardonnay will teach you to say forget  that... I am worthy of all and anything I desire! This isn’t just about dance and music it’s about reviving your soul and rejuvenating that beautiful feminine energy we all have inside!!! 


Not only was dancing a great workout where I learned amazing playful sexy discoveries, Chardonnay made the classes a time of healing, renewal and connection as well. 

123Karina Gonzalez321.JPG


Being involved in something that involves women and empowerment, freedom, release, and just a sacred place where you can be you and just have fun and let another side of you out is just so  exhilarating!! 


Yes, Please!

We all have that inner critic committee that tells us all the things we've done wrong ... yeah - me too.  It is SO important to incorporate positive words, positive thoughts, and affirm self love, declaring your worthiness, your beauty, your power, and saying it OUT LOUD!~ Knowing the power in this, I incorporate this into every session. 


Above is a video from one of our group affirmations.


444_Elvira Baltazar_444.PNG

It was spiritual, powerful, and I felt the beauty of it all. I found my inner beauty, my worth, and my strength! A beautiful experience.

333_Kelly Reed _333.JPG


I learned how to love me first and the dance workout was fun and amazing! . One of the best moments of my life! 


I’m that shy girl, let me tell you ladies, I never thought I could do something like this! I took Chardonnay’s dance empowerment program for months, and oh my do you feel sexy and powerful!!! 


1234_Chardonnay Hooker is Forever Worthy

'Forever Worthy' T-shirts on sale for only $25!

01110_Chardonnay Hooker_Forever Worthy.j