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Hey you gorgeous goddess, you light of divine being!~ 

I’m not ashamed of where I come from. My testimony is messy and colorful, but its my story of transformation!  

As a child I was never allowed to be my expressive self, And I was punished when I was caught freely dancing, I was shamed that I was naughty & dirty for how my body naturally moved. I could never understand why, God would create me this way, to feel so much passion and constantly be int trouble for who I was.


I decided that God hated me, and hoped he would grow to love me one day. I had such a zest for life at a young age and loved making others feel joy. I was always in trouble for being my authentic self, I felt so trapped & unseen.

1234_Chardonnay Hooker is Forever Worthy

I remember making a pact when I was young that I would break away from these rules, and live a magical life.  As an adult, and a single mother, I struggled with health issues and endometriosis seriously changed my life. In healing from that I became a "bikini dancer" which gave me the flexibility to work short hours and spend my days healing and being mother to my daughter. This is what gave me the idea of how every woman has a hidden secret, we want to feel like an exotic dancer.

This epiphany became my passion and my purpose to break the stigma that women had to be sexy for ONLY their partners and not for themselves too! This concept drives me! I'm dedicated to creating a safe place for women to fall in love with themselves and be sexy for YOU and no one else! It's so liberating!!!

My deepest desire that drives EVERYTHING I do is to keep evolving and bringing inspiration to my life and to women everywhere. Being in our female bodies is such a delicious gift, and to enjoy our bodies for ourselves and no one else, just feels so good! Of course, not only will your partners reap the benefits of YOU feeling more sexy, but that is not our goal, you feeling FOREVER WORTHY is our goal.

I know I was born to serve women!


It is my soul mission to guide women to learn their worthiness & celebrate with movement. self love is vital for our soul evolution, it is what catapults us into healing and living our higher purpose. I will continue to be a self love advocate for others, breaking generational pain so we can gift the world our stories of transformation.

It's my birthright, to do daring work to softly reveal what excuses we make not to invest in our deserving self. Dancing nurtures our spirits and liberates our soul with our enchanting freedom of expression & movement.

I can NOT wait to dance with YOU!!

XO Chardonnay

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