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Empowering Women to Love, Value & Celebrate Themselves Through Sultry Dance.

This is not about learning routines.

This is your time to awaken your goddess energy. Your time to learn how to fall in love with the way your body moves.

No dance experience needed, at all!

Ahhhhh you made it my website! I'm so happy you're here! Can I just say that I am, wildly, magically, simply over the flipping moon you're interested in upping your dance game! My passion is igniting your juicy, yummy delicious inner goddess and breaking through whatever blockages are getting in your way! 


Let's find YOUR rhythm.

Let's uncover YOUR steps.

Let's get you out of your freakin headspace.

Let's get moving!

... it's so good!

I can not wait to dance with you.



Chardonnay Hooker

Dance Empowerment Instructor & Intuitive Healer

I have been leading group and one-on-one dance empowerment workshops for 17 years, creating a safe place for women to step out of fear and awaken their sultry goddess within. 

We tend to hold our emotions in our body, and it can sometimes get trapped, manifesting into pain/turmoil. Emotions are energy in motion.  Allowing the energy to move through your body with dancing and music, boldly releasing & unlocking your Beautiful Soul to Courageously Heal. 

Dancing releases stuck emotions.

When you can step away from the worry and pressure of your day to day obligations, when you can release your ego to look good, or sexy for someone else, and begin to dance, and be sexy for you and you alone ... that my lovely goddess is where the magic begins!

We dance for ourselves and no one else! Why? Because YOU are FOREVER WORTHY!~

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You are SEXY


You are a sensual goddess, and forever worthy of all you desire.

Really, truly, YOU are!


My passion is to inspire women to embrace the joy of sensual movement by candlelight.  

The message I share in every class is: "Discover what feels sexy for you, discover your body for yourself and experience self-love. ​

Women easily loose their connection with their self when they are serving many roles for others.  We feel selfish to gift ourselves time that only belongs to us, to awaken our spirit which sometimes feels lost when we're busy with the day to day demands.


My program meets each student ((ahem, YOU)) on soft healing grounds to open the space and learn what feels good in your moving body, and learn this is YOUR sacred time to find inspiration and the flame inside you.

Ladies, it's time to call back your playful spirit through the art of dance.

Why? Because YOU are forever worthy!

1234_Chardonnay Hooker is Forever Worthy

'Forever Worthy' T-shirts on sale for only $25!

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